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Negotiating Across Culture


Why should you take this seminar?


“In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Dr. Chester L. Karrass


· Even if you are a skillful negotiator in your own country and in your own culture, those skills are not necessarily portable to other countries or other cultures.  If you aren’t skillful, you may not be successful;

· Studies have proven that success in the world of globalization depends, first and foremost, on one’s ability to communicate and negotiate effectively under very different cultural environments;

· This seminar will help those conducting international business avoid both strategic and tactical blunders that could result in loss of profit and embarrassment;

· With the skills learned in this seminar, companies can save time and money and increase the ROI of their global ventures.


The Participants will learn how to:


· Identify and plan for key issues and challenges of cross-cultural negotiations;

· Build a cross-cultural negotiation team that will effectively overcome challenges;

· Gather information and build relationship for a cross-cultural negotiation;

· Negotiate cross-cultural contracts successfully;

· Identify quality interpreters and translators and how to work with them;

· Effectively handle cross-cultural contract details.


Who should attend this seminar?


· Managers responsible for global marketing;

· International area managers with international companies;

· businesses that are preparing to go global;

· Managers responsible for domestic marketing yet negotiating and conducting business with other domestic companies consisting of people of other ethnic groups;

· Organizations that facilitate international business and trade;

· Anyone interested in learning how to communicate and negotiate across culture effectively and confidently.







Where has your seminar leader given speeches?


A selected list:


Global Speakers Summit;

Negotiating Across Culture 2007;

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers;

Rotary International;

The Canadian Society for American Studies AGM;

The Grain World;

Canadian International Grains Institute;

Benson Quinn Annual Management Meeting;

Asia Pacific Foundation Asia Connects Conference;

Morgan and Kevin Corporation Conference;

International Conference on Death and Bereavement;

Beijing Foreign Studies University Research Conference.

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Stan Skrzeszewski, Partner, ASM Consultants

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