Text Box: “If you are going into business, China may be a source of suppliers or consumers.  If I were going to be an economist, I would think studying Chinese would be an extremely interesting investment to make.”
Haun Saussy, Professor, Yale University

“If you can't read these words, better start brushing up.  A profound shift has begun, the kind that occurs once every few lifetimes.  Don't be left behind.”
                                     Canada’s Globe and Mail, October 23, 2004

“If one wants to succeed in the 21st century one will have to learn the Chinese language.”
Jim Rogers Investment Strategies in Global Market, January 29, 2007 
“In many Asian countries, in Europe and the USA, Mandarin has emerged as the new must-have language.”
David Gaddol, British linguist

Language Training


An integral part of cross-cultural business communication is the knowledge and understanding of the target language.  Knowing a language allows one to better appreciate the deeper cultural nuances.  The result?  Meaningful and effective communication and in business, this translates into return on investment.  Olive Kan Global offers the following corporate language training programs. 



customized training for companies doing or wishing to do business with the Chinese speaking world



customized training for companies with languages other than English as their first language, but wishing to learn and brush up this international business language


Why Chinese when English is already the world’s business language?


More than one-fifth of the world’s population speak Chinese as their native language.  With China being the world’s fastest growing economy and companies seeking to share the benefits of China’s boom, knowledge of Chinese gives one a competitive edge today and for many years to come. 


What others have said about learning this language:























Some Highlights of  Your Trainer


· Graduate and faculty of China’s most prestigious university in foreign languages and foreign studies;

· Professionally trained in language teaching and communication;

· Trained students since the 1980s.  Many are holding some of the highest positions in the multinationals.


Partial list of companies / organizations that have worked with the instructor in language and cross-cultural programs:


Beijing Foreign Studies University (credit programs)

The University of Western Ontario (credit program)

Schools in Singapore and Canada (credit programs)

London Life Insurance Company

HP China

Modicon Beijing

The Computer Institute

China Offshore Oil Corporation

Beijing Hospital

The London Chinese School


Find out what is possible when your efforts are combined with the dedication of our trainer.  Contact us to discuss your needs.   







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