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Council for the City of London and was a delegate to various Team Canada events.  She participated in numerous global negotiations, and attended signing ceremonies of trade agreements, including the bilateral WTO trade agreements between Canada and China.  She was also known as the star analyst for her consistent, accurate, and ahead-of-the-industry forecast for the Asia Pacific markets, particularly China and India.  


A graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), The National University of Singapore and The University of Western Ontario (UWO), and a former faculty member of the BFSU and the UWO, Jacqueline is known for her ability to integrate her knowledge from different fields and her ability to adapt her presentations to different audience groups.  She will work with you to tailor her presentation to your event and you can count on her to enhance your program. 

















Main Topics:


Negotiating Across Culture

Crucial to the success of running a global business, this highly practical seminar explores the cultural aspect of negotiations.  It aims at helping those conducting international business avoid both strategic and tactical blunders that could result in loss of profit or embarrassment.  With the skills learned in this seminar, companies can save time and money, and increase the ROI of their global ventures.   Details


Doing Business in/with China

Where this global force is from, and where it is heading.  What it means to be a WTO member and to host the 2008 Olympic Games.  Know the culture, the perceptions and business practices and set your venture on the right path.


Global Marketing: Doing it Effectively by Doing it Right

The blunders of global marketing and how to avoid them.


Communication and Culture—Vital Elements of Global Business

What communication encompasses, why effective cross-cultural communication is so critical in a global business, and how to achieve effective communication and make your business a success.


Building a Multicultural Team

How to avoid nightmares, and build a dream team that contributes to the success of your global business.


Where Are You From?

How to build cross-cultural relationships and trust through effective communication. 


Get Your Global Business Passport

Why you need a foreign language, the secrets of mastering a foreign language.


Bound or Free

How to overcome adversities and reap the benefits outside your comfort zone.
















“Ms Wu, thank you so much for such an attention-grabbing one-day seminar on Negotiating Across Culture.  I was amazed by your capability to integrate so smoothly into the seminar your knowledge in business, history, philosophy, linguistics and sports.  I have gained a better understanding of different negotiation styles, and can apply what I learned in my negotiations with foreign companies and develop more appropriate negotiation strategies and tactics.  This is a highly practical and interactive program which I would recommend to anyone engaging in international business, particularly those that are doing business or ready to do business with Asia Pacific countries.”

Lenin Gonzalez, Latin American Sales Manager, Faroex Ltd. Composite Technologies

With over 20 years of experience in global marketing, corporate training and university teaching, Jacqueline Wu has been invited to present at many international conferences.  Her theme has an international / cross-cultural focus.  Here are some of the topics covered so far: Doing Business with China; Doing Business with Asia; Asian Financial Crisis and Its Impact; Market Outlook; New Immigrants Assimilation; American Studies; Bereavement among the Chinese in Asia; Language Learning and Teaching. 


Jacqueline served on the board of Pacific Rim Advisory









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Jacqueline is one of the most graceful speakers I have met.  She motivates with grace and commands dignity as she speaks to the audience.  I got an opportunity to hear her speech "The Bound and the Free"...  I was amazed at the way Jacqueline took the audience through a roller coaster ride of highs and lows…  I do not think the audience will ever forget the story and the message conveyed.  I look forward to hearing her speak again.”

Shouvik Chowdhury, UAT Lead

Globalive Wireless Corp.

“Hi Jacqueline, I want to thank you for your excellent presentation to our club.  You brought a very interesting and new perspective to the issue of working and living with other cultures.  Several of our Rotary members do business in other countries so your presentation was particularly valuable to them.  I think that your message stressing the importance of understanding other cultures was very timely for everyone as we continue to become so much more global in all aspects of our life not just professionally.  Once again, thank you for your stimulating presentation!

 Judy McGregor, Past President

 Rotary Club of Winnipeg - Charleswood