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Olive Kan works with clients towards clearly established objectives.  Obviously and very naturally, our recommendations and actual intervention method/s used to reach these objectives vary according to each client’s particular situation.  They are, however, all help to improve our clients situation in either market entry, marketing, negotiation, communication, or team building.  The success is measurable and the value created far outweighs the small investment our clients make. 








Why Should You Go with Olive Kan?


Olive Kan prides itself on its human resources.  Our clients choose Olive Kan because of its founder Jacqueline Wu and her team.  Our knowledge comes from years of dedicated and specialized training and research.  More importantly, our expertise is the result of our actual experience working in the cross-cultural context both in the East and the West.  This translates into true added value to our clients.  



“I have known Jacqueline Wu for many years and can recommend her to executives wishing advice or assistance on doing business in East Asia… She has an impressive track record and a well-informed global knowledge of how things work in many countries.”

Earl Drake, Former Canadian Ambassador to China & Indonesia


“Jacqueline delivered high impact contributions on staff and later on managerial level... She is a reliable and effective partner in any entrepreneurial endeavour.”

Klaus W. Koeppen, Past President

German Canadian Business &  Professional Association

“When I was managing an Environment-Research Group within DaimlerChrysler, we were interested in comparing eco-taxation systems internationally in terms of their priorities, their effectiveness and their efficiency.  Jacqueline undertook the research and analysis for Canada and several Asian countries for us.  We were deeply impressed by the quality and efficiency of her work.  I would therefore like to recommend her enthusiastically to any other organizations.”

 Dr. Georg Riegel, Founder & CEO, deZem GmbH




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“Jacqueline has a comprehensive understanding of the market in China and provides clear and actionable direction.  I strongly recommend her services.”

Joanne McDowall, Training Manager, Freedom 55 Financial