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May 2010


Made in Shanghai


“Hello, hello, excuse me…”  I turned around and saw a stylish young lady trying to catch up with me. 


“Thanks.  I just wanted to know where you got your parka coat.  It looks so nice!” 


I smiled, “Thank you.  I bought it in Shanghai.” 


She was visibly disappointed and made a gesture as if to say “oh, forget it, too far.”


Forget it?  Not for me.  I have had the coat since my university years.  It carries a lot of memories and it is made in Shanghai! 


What’s so special about Made in Shanghai?  Simple.  It’s a brand.  Quality, innovation and style make this brand. 


These days everybody is talking about branding.  Some spend big on creating a brand, a quick or instant one.  How many truly have one or have successfully developed one? 


Branding is a process.  It does not produce a brand overnight.  If it does, one could only  suspect whether that brand would last. 


When you have the quality, innovation, and style, you have a brand.  When potential customers try to track you down years after your product launch, you have got a sustainable brand.  And when customers from half way around the world look you up for your products and services, you have built an international brand.           


This is the month of Shanghai, and also the year of Shanghai. While celebrating the Shanghai brand, I can’t help mentioning the biggest Made in Shanghai ever — The World Expo, officially opened on May 1.  To learn all about the World Expo and what each pavilion offers, check it out at


May you get your inspiration and develop your own lasting international brand! 



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