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June 2010


Your Money vs Their ROI


“Good morning!  I am Dave.”  This was June 8.  A young man in his work uniform greeted me as I opened the door.  He was here for the routine biannual service to our air-conditioning unit. 


Dave wheeled in a trolley loaded with supplies and tools.  Well organized, no need to be in and out a few times.  He was not wearing the usual heavy-duty work boots.  Instead, he had a pair of disposable slip-ons (like those worn by surgeons).  Before starting, Dave placed a padded sheet nicely on the floor.  Wow,  I was impressed!  Our hardwood floor would remain clean and free from scratch!    


Forgetting those zillion things to do before my trip, I started chatting with Dave.  “I see XYZ is improving the way it serves us.”  “I am actually from ABC,” Dave responded, pointing to the company name and logo on his shirt.  No wonder, such a refreshing change from what I used to see!  Our condo corporation had switched the service provider: from a global giant to a local small potato.


“How big is your company?” “Not big at all, around 36 people,” replied Dave, and then added: “We need a lot of help.  We service a growing number of condos in the Greater Toronto Area.  We are hiring…”  Who would be surprised?! 


It did not take long before Dave finished his work.  What he did next amazed me.  He vacuumed the air-conditioning unit inside out, and the entire floor where he worked.  What a contrast!  In the past, XYZ’s technician stormed in, unscrewed the AC panel, changed the filter, put the panel back on and took off, leaving a floor of mess behind. 


Our experiences with ABC and XYZ reaffirm the following:


· A brand name can only take you so far.  It may help getting an entry ticket.  But it does not guarantee business down the road if you do not have your customers’ best interest in mind.


· A small company may not have a name advantage when competing with big corporations.  However, ultimately customers’ return on investment is all that matters.  Whoever can deliver it wins the business.


· Focus on maximizing customers’ ROI, money will take care of itself.   


What is your focus?  Your money or your customers’ ROI?  Remember how Dave impressed and amazed me. 



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