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January 2010


Following the Ha-ha


Remember the last issue?  Quite some readers have emailed to say that the story was really funny!  That is great for me to hear.  At least it was not a complete turnoff, a risk that comes with telling a joke.  But following the laugh, if we could get something out of it, wouldn’t that be even better? 


The following is what came to mind on that coach and some more thoughts today:


· Our life or our business is like a long distance coach.  There are many stops or milestones from point A to point B, each getting us closer to our destination, goal or success.

· In order to get from point A to point B, we need a road map or a plan so we know where we are going, where we are or what we should achieve before reaching our destination.

· Growing a business is a long distance journey, there are problems on the way, but we are on the driver’s seat, and we should not stray from that road map.

· Building or growing a business during tough economic times presents many challenges.  We need to have a sense of humour to make our journey a little lighter and a bit more enjoyable.

· It is childish to expect everything different in the new year.  It will never be.  However, it is a good time to get rid of garbage accumulated in the past year in our personal and professional lives, so we can move forward smoothly and efficiently.


In the new year, if you are contemplating building or growing a global business, I am asking you to answer these questions: 


· Have you got a road map? 

· What is your goal for building your global business? 

· What are the stops or milestones?

· What steps do you need to take?

· How are you prepared to handle problems and stick to your plan? 

· What garbage do you need to throw away to help you accelerate reaching your goal?


Happy New Year!  May you achieve new milestones in business as well as in life! 



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