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December 2009


Ha-ha... and What Else?


After about 20-minute stopover in a U.S. town, the long distance coach was soon to continue the rest of the journey to Chicago.  The driver started counting passengers. 


“Hey driver, my buddy is not back yet”, a man five rows from me shouted. 


“Where did he go?” asked the driver. 


“I don’t know.  He said he was going to throw some garbage.” 


The driver finished counting, looked at his watch, and took his seat.  “Well, I am sorry it’s time that we have to be on our way.”  With that the bus started to roll.  Uh-oh...


Five minutes later, the washroom door at the back of the coach opened. 


The driver took a glimpse from the mirror and asked:”Is that him, your buddy?”


The man turned back, “Yeah.  Oh, man!  I thought we left without you.” 


“Well, he did go throw garbage, didn't he?!”  uttered the driver, and everyone burst out laughing.


I hope you just did, too.  At this joyful season of the year, don’t we deserve some light moments?  Yes, of course!  But while we are laughing, is there anything else you or your business can derive from this story?  Share your thoughts with me, or even better, with our readers in our next issue, and I will also share mine.  Stay tuned.  Until next time, have a Merry Christmas!      



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